Sunday, June 25, 2006

Owlet defends nest from Fox

I found this clip while following a series of links from a German livecam. It shows an owlet, one of three in the nest, defending his home and siblings from a hungry fox. (Spoiler: the fox does not win. I knew you'd be worried)

Here's the text of the link if you cannot get to the clip from the hyperlink above. Be sure it is all on one line and has no spaces:

Bird Girl


MEMA Jo said...

I just watched the clip - That little owlet should have the name of Spunky! He is so brave & adorable (liked him better then the BarnOwls)

Sunny said...

How BIG are those owlets? THey look like tiny little fluff-balls, until you see the fox! So glad the 'good guys' won!

movin said...

Sorry, I originally put this comment in those for the article above this one...

Bird Girl...
This is a fascinating clip, and that owlet's instinctive pattern of defense is incredible.

I wonder if other owl species, which nest higher, also have that kind of ferocious defense instinct.

Is that an European version of the Burrowing Owl, or do they have another species of ground dwellers on that continent?