Thursday, October 02, 2008

Harris' hawk release video

On 1 October 2008, my rescue group Fallen Feathers released four Harris' hawk juveniles back to the golf course from which three of them had come. Near the 16th hole of one of the many courses in Sun City West, our four charges took their first flights up into the surrounding trees.

This video is very short, and doesn't really show you as much as it could considering we were there for over an hour watching the four released birds and two resident hawks who came by to see who the new neighbors were. At least there's *some* video!

Here is the link:

Or you can find it by going to:, look in the Local Video and Promotion section.


glo said...

I loved the video . Thanks. I hope we get to meet sometime.

magpie said...

Same Here, Bird Girl...There was a Harris Hawk at the NCTC Open House this past week-end..hope you can go see the Photos on the Momsters Album pages. I, too, hope we can meet someday...

Best Wishes with your Blog Plans!