Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CT Osprey

The first picture shows the nestling and two eggs circled in green. Since early this morning, one egg has been pushed over to the side; the other egg is still in the center of the nest, but Mom keeps fiddling with it. I don't think we'll see those eggs hatch.

The second picture is of Mom tidying up the nest. Of course, all that means to an osprey is "move this piece of trash over here, that one over there..." She won't be winning any Good Housekeeping awards, that's for sure!

The third picture is to show you where the "lookout" perch is. You can usually find the male sitting on the Lookout when Mom is sitting on the nest.

I will not be online all day every day, but when I am, I will post new pictures. Please email me if you have any pictures you would like to see posted here!

Bird Girl

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